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UPDATE UPDATE:"Unpolished but playable"

adds ship customization screen, autotargeting, enemies, basic visual effects.

2/20/17 -finalized ship customization framework, allowing plenty of room for more categories of equips - any number of places to put those equips -, and equips affecting "stats" like pitch/yaw/roll, speed, weight, damage, any number that exists in the code.

replaced body, wing, and engine primitives with a couple of minutes in Blender.

Bugs:On you first play, you may have to click one engine, one wings, one body, then "Switch Scene" back and forth to properly load your equips.

What is playable so far:

  • You have a guy
  • MAKE the guy!
  • Fly YOUR guy!
  • Shoot lasers outta YOUR guy!
  • I went "Kaboom" into the microphone!
  • Shoot flying discs with smart autotarget!

StarTrip 2012 is a prototype of a space-vulpine-esque Fly-em-up with PVP and combat elements inspired by old beloved "You're a car, shoot the cars" games like Twisted Metal, which granted the player so much control over their character in a way that seems so rare these days.

I'm learning so much from this project about not only programming but boring stuff like actual math - most notably a programatically impressive autotarget function for straight-traveling projectiles considering velocity and distance of target that I couldn't stand to throw it away entirely.

Right now, the demo is just a ship customization screen are you kidding me, a flight controller, some visual elements, hidden framework for multiplayer, and enemies with AI but do not follow or attack in this build.

The GUI is barebones for now. In the game itself, there is a "Start" button to spawn into the world, but to leave the game, you'll need to manually exit the window, or use the standard Windows shortcuts ALT+F4 or CTRL+W.

  • Controls:
  • A , D - Yaw
  • W, S - Pitch
  • Q, E - Roll
  • Space - Stop Thrusters (Brake)
  • Shift - Boost


StarTrip 2012 a0.0.1.zip 14 MB

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